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Get A Lab At Home Services In Dubai

Now You Can Get Blood Test At Home In An Easier Way
Got a busy schedule with no time to get your blood tests done? Or have got elderly at home that could benefit from getting their tests done with ease? Even if it is not convenient for you to visit a medical center or lab for your routine blood work? Then, don’t worry, we have you covered. Quality diagnosis and quick, accurate results await you at your doorstep with the lab at home services from Qam Healthcare. Get your lab tests done at the comfort of your home with us. Just make a phone call and have an expert DHA Licensed Nurse arrive at your home at the scheduled time (as early as 30 minutes*, 24 hours), collect required samples using the best of tools and then provide you with accurate results as per your requirement. Our staff consists of DHA-certified nurses only and we take pride in assisting you and your loved ones get a quality diagnosis 24×7, 365 days a year in the Dubai region.

Expert Medical Care And Online Blood Test At Home

Qam Healthcare has never stepped back from providing you the best services as per your ease and convenience. We are offering a whole lot of services that can be attained by anyone at any time. Qam Healthcare services are well-known for providing the best home healthcare services s including lab tests at home. Basically, our services bring the lab at home, where as a patient, you can get yourself tested at their place. Also, if you are willing to get your samples to be collected from the doorstep, then we can do it all for you. Qam Healthcare also enables you to get blood tests at home. Getting a lab at home in Dubai is now made possible by the striving efforts of Qam healthcare. Providing healthcare services at its best is the mission of our health experts and assistants – and we are proudly working around the clock to stick hard to our mission and words of vision.

Qam Healthcare – Blood Collection At Home

A blood test is the most common type of diagnostic test that is demanded in the case of almost every disease. We provide a home healthcare service where you can get the get blood test at home – all you got to do is call us and book and appointment. Our experts will visit you at your place and commit the formalities of the tests. There are various benefits of getting home healthcare services from us. Some of these benefits are listed below:

• Convenient
• It saves time & energy
• Lessor no risk of getting in infected
• Reduce The Chance Of Complications
• It can help in detecting health risks at an earlier stage