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COVID-19 PCR Home Testing In Dubai

If you’re looking to get a COVID test done because of certain symptoms that you might have or for the purpose of traveling or even as a mere precaution, it might feel like an unnecessary task and a hassle to brace through the Dubai traffic for it or queue up at a hospital, clinic or drive-through. Added to it, the risk of stepping out in crowded places.

To make things easy, convenient and safe for you in times when you’re sick or in case of an urgent test requirement, First Response Healthcare (FRH) offers the service of getting your COVID-19 test done right in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel at a time and place that is convenient to you. Qam Healthcare offers 24 hours PCR test at home in Dubai. However, we can reach you within 30 minutes, anywhere in Dubai. Upon booking an appointment with us, our trained and experienced nursing staff reach your location, fully covered in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the sample collection.

As per the DHA data requirement guidelines, you will be asked to share your name, Emirates ID, contact email, address, occupation and travel history. Post the collection, your sample will be sent to a DHA-approved and accredited laboratory for diagnostic evaluation, and the results of your test will be shared back with you by email within 18-20 hours. If you wish to get the test results sooner, you can choose our Express Service where in you’ll get the test reports within 8-10 hours.

PCR Test For Traveling

Qam healthcare is providing PCR testing for traveling. The test results conducted by our experts are DHA-Approved and excepted by all the national and international airlines. We are constantly improving our services to help our patients experience the best PCR test at home in Dubai.

As there was an increase in the COVID cases across the world and Dubai, the DHA (Dubai Health Association) immediately drove the professional PCR centers in Dubai to fasten the diagnosis and treatment side-by-side. Looking forward to the same, Qam healthcare contributed to the process and started offering the COVID-19 test at home.

Successfully, we have become one of the best covid-19 pcr diagnostic testing services providers across the region.

PCR Test 
At Home Sample Collection 

At Qam healthcare, we provide unbeatable and competitive home healthcare services. If you are too busy to visit the hospital or medical center for diagnostic, then our home sample collection services are just the right match for you.

However, in any case, if you are all set to travel abroad and want to get PCR sample collection at home – We offer the most accurate PCR test at home for travel in Dubai. You dial us and let us know your needs. Our expert team will be at your place In as low as 30 minutes to provide you an experience of home PCR testing.