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doctor on call

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Have you already tried our Doctor on call services? If not, it is your chance to get Better with Qam Healthcare! Be it at your home, a hotel room, or workplace, avail excellent medical services from our DHA Certified, Highly Experienced Doctors by making just one phone call.

Sometimes due to your harsh and sturdy routine, you are unable to give maximum attention to your family or even your own health. To make that easier and stress-free for you, our experts have introduced a 24-hour on-call doctor to give you the best online doctor consultation in the UAE. You can book, reserve an appointment and get yourself treated in no time with an expert visiting your place.


A medical emergency is uninvited and you can face it any time. There is no path or time for that. To help you avoid panic in such circumstances, Qam Healthcare provides urgent doctor on call services in Dubai.
All of our on-call medical professionals are highly esteemed healthcare experts and the best in their field.
We specialize in providing quality doctor-on-call services and treatments available conveniently at your home 24/7 in Dubai, even on public and private holidays. We enhance the experience of attaining medical attention and treatment by making the absolute best healthcare professionals easily accessible and just one call away. Receive the highest quality of personalized medical care, comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and after-care exclusively at your doorstep.

Online Doctor Consultation Dubai

The Doctor on call panel of Qam Healthcare consists of the field experts, particularly the best General Physicians of the UAE. Relax back. You can get the best online consultation just with a few taps. The Qam Healthcare patients are highly satisfied with a medical expert visiting their place to ensure their complete check-up from the comfort of their home.


Have you ever faced a condition where you need a doctor, but you are unable to leave your home due to weakness and poor health condition? Well, we have solved this problem of yours. If you have too weak elders to visit the medical center or the hospital, then a single phone call can get you a physician at your place. Doctor on call can be a super hero for almost every patient. Some of the major benefits of Qam Healthcare’s home healthcare are listed below:

• Relaxes the patient
• Provides patient satisfaction
• Instant advice anytime and anywhere
• It saves you time and money
• Convenient and safe prescription services
• Can be availed on an urgent and immediate basis.
• Saves the patient from travel risk.
• Improved ways to check your symptoms
• Comfortable

doctor on call

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doctor on call services in dubai

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doctor on call services in dubai

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