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You’re probably used to calling your doctor and scheduling an appointment to check on your symptoms when you’re feeling under the weather. Right? What if we told you there are other ways to get excellent care without leaving the safety and comfort of your couch? Medical centers like Qam healthcare offers the most reliable Doctor on call Dubai.

Call for medical attention. Did you believe that doctors visiting patients at home was a thing of the past? Then you might want to reconsider: house calls are making a comeback. Continue reading to learn about five of the most impressive advantages that house calls can provide. We bet you won’t look back once you’ve tried this type of care.

Saves Patients Time and Money

One significant advantage of house calls is that they save patients both time and money. Patients avoid unnecessary expenses and stress by not having to travel to the doctor’s office or potentially taking time off work or arranging for childcare. Of course, one factor that determines excellent care is reducing anxiety feelings related to money, work, or children.

Offers More Personalized Care

To begin with, being able to receive home visits from your doctor vastly improves the patient-carer experience, making it much more tailored to your specific needs. Home visits are also less hurried and conducted with greater calm and precision. This allows doctors to spend more time with you, assess your symptoms, perform a thorough examination, and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

Patients Are Protected From Being Exposed to Germs

Preventing germ exposure is critical at a time when we all want — and need — to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the deadly coronavirus. Medical house calls enable us to do just that. Patients can avoid spending time in crowded waiting rooms and potentially being exposed to viruses and bacteria by receiving doctor at home.

No Transportation Cost

You can save money on gas, parking, and public transportation by seeing your doctor on your mobile device or computer. Even better, you don’t waste time traveling or risk getting stuck in traffic, making you late for your appointment or, worse, late for work.

Access to Specialists

Some patients who require specialist care must travel long distances and devote a significant amount of time to each visit. Telemedicine allows you and your primary care physician to access the expertise of specialists who are not in your area. When it comes to serious health issues, you want to consult with the best, not the most convenient.

Provides Urgent Care To The Elderly Patients Out of Hospitals 

House calls allow doctors to provide high-quality in-home medical care to their elderly patients, as well as those with chronic conditions and disabilities. This is critical because it allows older and more vulnerable people to avoid traveling to hospitals or urgent care facilities while still being seen and treated in a timely, professional, and efficient manner.

Fewer Chances Of Other Infections 

Where can you be sure to find a large number of sick people? Of course, at the doctor’s office. While everyone does their best to keep one patient from infecting another, it is always possible, especially in crowded waiting rooms. Staying at home allows you to receive the care you require while avoiding the risk of exposure and the possibility of spreading your illness to others.

Final Thoughts

Trust facilitates the development of deeper doctor-patient relationships over time, which may be required for certain types of care, such as disclosure and management of sensitive or potentially stigmatizing issues. However, with the availability of Doctor On Call services, many elderly patients’ health has improved.

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