Covid 19 UAE Authorizes Pfizer Vaccine For 5 To 11 Years

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Covid 19 UAE Authorizes Pfizer Vaccine For 5 To 11 Years

The corona virus pandemic was a disaster and took a million of life within a year. Inspite of tough research the scientist was not able to discover a proper medicine or drug formula to permanently cure the disease. After detailed research, a vaccination to prevent the major effects of the disease. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Centers In UAE 

Vaccinations are made to suppress the effect of the particular disease on the human body. Many companies have made different vaccinations that are age-specific, but recently the health department of the UAE has approved the emergency use of Pfizer vaccination for the children under the age of 5 years – 11 years. Covid- 19 Vaccination centers in  UAE have been set-up to vaccinate the citizens. 

Pfizer Dubai Vaccine And Its Effects
The health experts of the UAE have stated that the use of the Pfizer vaccination is safe and secure for the children under the age of 5 – 11 years. Also, the vaccination strengthens the immune system of the person getting vaccinated by Pfizer. 

Generally speaking, there are no such effects and side effects of the vaccination, but in some cases, there are mild changes are observed in the body like fever, vomiting and mild body pain. The most severe symptom that has been observed after the first and second dose of the vaccination is the headache that appears in the patient body. 

According to the UAE Health department the booster for the people who have been vaccinated by Pfizer and Sputnik Vaccinations. 


Vaccinations are essential to prevent the COVID-19. Although the transmission of the virus cannot be prevented. Preventions must be made to avoid the spreading of the disease. Use of mask and constant sanitization can save you from being affected by the disease. 

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